GS1000 Dual Purpose Engine Stand

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Brand new steel engine stand for Suzuki GS1000 E, S & L 1977 - 1980 and GS750.

Dual purpose as it can hold the engine upright and also upside down. The upside down position is preferred when assembling and disassembling  the internals inside the crank case.

When upside down, there is clearance to allow for the head studs protruding from the crankcase.

This stand will make tearing down and rebuilding your engine much easier. It holds it level in both positions and it is very strong and sturdy. It is easy to rotate the engine while working at it and has good access underneath also.

It comes complete with all necessary nuts, bolts and threaded bars as shown and looks cool with the GS1000 lettering cut into the stand itself. When upright there are 2 fine metric bolts supplied which you must use with your own Suzuki Tear Drop shaped nuts.

This stand has been laser cut and powder coated for a superior quality finish and includes four holes at each corner which can be used for casters (not included) or used to bolt it to a bench.

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